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Earthen Majesty Garden Quartz Point - A Gem of Inner Grounding

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Presenting our Earthen Majesty Garden Quartz Point, a compact yet profound piece weighing 13.8 grams and standing 28.5mm tall, with a width of 25mm and a depth of 19.1mm. This gemstone is a testament to the planet's underground marvels, with its inner world of mineral landscapes encapsulated within a crystal-clear boundary.

The rich, soil-like inclusions within this Garden Quartz Point offer a glimpse into a subterranean Eden. Its earthly hues range from deep umbers to golden fields, invoking the essence of grounding and stability. In the practice of color therapy, such warm, earth tones are utilized to cultivate feelings of security, resilience, and abundance.

This Garden Quartz Point, in its commanding solidity, is perfectly suited for the southwest corner of your home or workspace, aligning with Feng Shui's area of love and relationships. Here, it can aid in fostering strong connections rooted in trust and nurturing a sense of companionship and warmth.

Embrace this Garden Quartz Point as an emblem of the foundation upon which all growth relies. Whether it's used in daily meditation, as a unique addition to a mineral collection, or as a decorative piece to warm up a living space, it holds the power to anchor and harmonize its surroundings.

Let the Earthen Majesty Garden Quartz Point be your anchor to the natural world, inspiring stability and a deep-rooted sense of peace in your environment.

Dimensions: 28.5h x 25w x 19.1d

Weight: 13.8g

SKU: 1-2-3GarQuaPoi2-11-13.8 | #1010