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Dusk Shard Garden Quartz Cluster - Monochrome Dreamscape

  • $39.00

Discover the subdued elegance of our Dusk Shard Garden Quartz Cluster, weighing 47.2 grams, with dimensions of 32.4mm in height, 37.3mm in width, and 35.7mm in depth. This cluster presents a monochrome dreamscape of grey inclusions, reminiscent of twilight's delicate balance between light and shadow.

The varied shades of grey within this Garden Quartz offer a visual meditation on the interplay of clarity and mystery. In color therapy, grey symbolizes neutrality and balance, providing a centering force that calms the mind and spirit. This cluster, with its subdued hues and raw charm, brings a moment of quiet contemplation to any space.

Place this quartz cluster in an area where reflection and decision-making occur, such as a study or office. Its grounding presence supports clear thought and balanced emotions, aligning with Feng Shui principles that promote stability and composure.

The Dusk Shard Garden Quartz Cluster is not just a piece to admire, but also a companion for those seeking a mental haven, offering solace in its serene inclusions and the gentle power of its presence.

Let this unique cluster be a cornerstone in your collection or decor, symbolizing the tranquil passage from the known to the mysterious.

Dimensions: 32.4h x 37.3w x 35.7d 

Weight: 47.2g

SKU: 1-4-4GarQuaCluGre-39-47.2 | #1023