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Druzy Chrysocolla Malachite - Verdant Splendor

  • $239.00

Immerse in the lush landscapes of Mother Earth with this Druzy Chrysocolla Malachite for $239. Standing at 81.4mm, weighing 462.3 grams, this piece boasts dimensions of striking presence. 

The enchanting fusion of vibrant green malachite and tranquil blue chrysocolla evokes the essence of Earth's bountiful forests and tranquil seas. Known for merging the energies of the heart and throat chakras, this piece is believed to facilitate heartfelt communication and emotional release.

Incorporate this piece into your home to harness Feng Shui benefits of growth and flow. Ideal for a study or creative space, its colors are said to stimulate intellect and inspiration.

Let this natural wonder be a centerpiece, placed where daylight can dance across its crystalline druzy, highlighting the complex beauty of its textures and colors.

Dimensions: 81.4h x 69.4w x 64.1d mm

Weight: 462.3g

SKU: 1-9-2DruChrMal-239-462.3 | #1041