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Druzy Chrysocolla Lake - Serene Aquatic Beauty

  • $222.00

Embark on a serene journey with the Druzy Chrysocolla Lake, priced at $222. This impressive piece, standing at 38.3mm and weighing 441.4 grams, unfolds a tranquil panorama reminiscent of a still azure lake.

Its surface is a canvas of sky-blues and earthy browns, portraying a landscape of calm and stability. Chrysocolla, often associated with the soothing elements of water and air, is believed to offer calming and purifying properties.

Position this piece in your space to invite the harmonious flow of energy, making it an ideal addition to areas where relaxation and contemplation are desired. Its lush colors support Feng Shui elements that are conducive to rebalance and rejuvenation.

Whether placed in a sunlit room or as a focal point on a mantel, the Druzy Chrysocolla Lake captures the essence of nature's tranquil beauty.

Dimensions: 38.3h x 83w x 114.4d mm

Weight: 441.4g

SKU: 1-10-1DruChrLak-222-441.4 | #1042