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Dawn's Whisper Hackmanite Freeform

  • $139.00

Presenting the Dawn's Whisper Hackmanite Freeform, available for $271. This gracefully shaped stone, weighing 271 grams and measuring 70.5mm by 52.6mm by 40.6mm, displays a soft interplay of light blue and sandy hues, mirroring the tranquil sky at dawn's first light.

Appreciated for its luminescent quality, Hackmanite is unique in its ability to change color when exposed to sunlight, resembling the early morning sky changing colors. This light freeform piece captures the essence of daybreak, offering a serene, calming presence to any room or space.

This freeform is not only a visually striking piece but also carries the Hackmanite’s renowned soothing energy, which is said to bring peace and clarity to the mind. Its gentle hues and smooth contours make it a fitting addition to any meditation space or a peaceful corner in your home.

Let the Dawn's Whisper Hackmanite Freeform be your daily reminder of the serene moments at the break of dawn, bringing tranquility and a touch of nature's wonder to your daily life.

Dimensions: 70.5h x 52.6w x 40.6d mm

Weight: 271 grams

SKU: 2-3-1HacFreLig-139-271 | #1058