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Dawn Radiance Smokey Citrine Lemurian Tower Light

  • $49.00

Dawn Radiance, a Small Smokey Citrine Lemurian Tower Light, captures the first light of day, symbolizing new beginnings and clear vision. This piece combines the grounding protection of smokey quartz with the joyful, manifesting qualities of citrine in a Lemurian seed crystal, known for its high spiritual energy and connection to ancient wisdom.

Placing this tower in your home’s study or meditation space can inspire creativity and intellectual growth. It aligns with the energetic and curious nature of Geminis, enhancing mental clarity and spiritual exploration.

Dimensions: 50 x 32 x 24.4 mm
Weight: 56.6 grams
SKU: 4-8-4SmaSmoCitLemTowLig-49-56.6-1202