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Serenity Peak Ocean Jasper Tower with White Tip - A Nautical Symphony

  • $69.00

Introducing the Serenity Peak Ocean Jasper Tower with White Tip, a nautical masterpiece weighing 90.1 grams and reaching an elevation of 76.6mm with dimensions of 30.3mm in width and 19.6mm in depth. This ocean jasper tower is a harmonious symphony of earthy and marine hues capped by a pure white apex, reminiscent of a wave's crest breaking in gentle motion.

The tranquil blend of oceanic patterns and colors within this tower captures the essence of the sea's timeless ebb and flow. Ocean Jasper is celebrated for its soothing properties and ability to convey the healing powers of the sea through its swirling patterns and orbs.

Perfectly suited for placement in the home or office, this Ocean Jasper Tower aligns with Feng Shui principles, particularly when placed in the north to support career paths or in areas where water elements are needed to enhance tranquility and renewal.

Adopt the Serenity Peak Ocean Jasper Tower with White Tip as your personal beacon of calm. It's not just a crystal, it's a connection to the rhythmic cycles of the sea, encouraging relaxation, introspection, and a deep sense of peace.

Dimensions: 76.6h x 30.3w x 19.6d

Weight: 90.1g

SKU: 1-5-5OccJasTowWhiTip-69-90.1 | #1028