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Celestial Rivers Sodalite Freeform "Plate"

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The Celestial Rivers Sodalite Freeform is a mesmerizing piece that showcases the deep blue hues and subtle white marbling of Sodalite.

It exhibits a mesmerizing pattern of deep blue sodalite veins that intertwine like rivers across a starry night sky.

Metaphysical Properties:

Sodalite, with its deep blue coloration and unique white marbling, is celebrated for its calming, balancing, and insightful properties. This Sodalite Freeform resonates harmoniously with the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, promoting communication, intuition, inner peace, and a deeper connection to one's inner wisdom, spiritual growth, and universal consciousness.


Sodalite is composed primarily of sodium aluminum silicate with chloride and has a distinctive deep blue color often interspersed with white calcite veins or patches. This meticulously crafted Sodalite Freeform showcases the deep blue tones and intricate white marbling, highlighting the natural beauty, complexity, and purity of this exquisite mineral. The freeform's unique shape and serene appearance make it a distinctive representation of Earth's natural artistry.

Healing Practices:

Incorporating this Sodalite Freeform into your healing practice can be a profoundly enriching and transformative experience. Harnessing its calming, balancing, and intuitive energies, you can:

  • Promote Communication and Self-Expression: Engage with the freeform during meditation to activate and align the Throat Chakra, fostering clear communication, self-expression, creativity, and the courage to speak one's truth.

  • Enhance Intuition and Inner Wisdom: Utilize the freeform to stimulate and open the Third Eye Chakra, nurturing intuition, insight, spiritual clarity, and a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe.

  • Cultivate Inner Peace, Harmony, and Spiritual Growth: Engage with the freeform in meditation to foster inner peace, emotional balance, harmony, spiritual growth, and a deeper connection to universal energies, wisdom, and consciousness.

It is an elegant addition to any collection or as a singular display piece, serving as a functional crystal platter or a decorative element that invites the mind to wander along its intricate natural patterns.

Incorporate the Celestial Rivers Sodalite Freeform Plate into your home or office for a daily infusion of the sodalite's calming energies and to add a touch of natural splendor to your environment.

Dimensions: 93.5l x 66.7w x 13.3d mm

Weight: 140 grams

SKU: 2-3-5SodFrePla-69-140 | #1062