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Ocean Jasper Tower with Druzy Quartz

  • $49.00

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of this Ocean Jasper Tower with Druzy Quartz – a mesmerizing blend of green-blue hues, botryoidal patterns, and sparkling druzy crystals that evoke the serene essence of the ocean's depths and the mysteries of the natural world.

Ocean Jasper is celebrated for its nurturing and soothing energy, promoting emotional balance, patience, and connection with the Earth's healing vibrations. This exquisite tower showcases the natural beauty of Ocean Jasper, adorned with shimmering druzy quartz openings that add a touch of celestial magic to its appearance. The green-blue coloration and botryoidal patterns of this Ocean Jasper tower give it a unique and captivating aesthetic, making it a truly special addition to any crystal collection.

Botryoidal formations resemble clusters of grapes and create an intriguing, tactile experience. This tower boasts a magnificent array of such formations, intertwined with waves of blue-green and earthy tones, each layer telling a story of geological time.

It's nurturing energy resonates with the Heart Chakra, promoting love, compassion, and emotional healing. Here are some ways to utilize this exquisite Ocean Jasper tower in your spiritual journey:

  • Emotional Healing and Balance: Place the tower on your Heart Chakra during meditation to open and heal your heart, releasing emotional blockages and fostering a deeper connection with yourself and others.

  • Connect with Earth's Healing Energy: Use the tower to ground and align your energy with the Earth, promoting harmony, balance, and a sense of peace.

  • Amplify Spiritual Growth: Meditate with the tower to activate and open the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, enhancing intuition, spiritual insight, and connection to higher realms.

The Ocean Jasper Tower is perfect for enhancing any space with Feng Shui, particularly when seeking to attract prosperity and stability. It’s believed to be most potent in the southeast sector of a room or space, nurturing abundance and grounding energies.

Not just a decorative piece, this Ocean Jasper Tower serves as a tangible connection to the ancient energy of the earth. It's an embodiment of patience, reminding us of nature's meticulous artistry and timelessness.

Invite this piece into your life as a focal point for meditation, a companion for your healing journey, or a natural artwork to admire and inspire.

Dimensions: 93.5h x 26.2w x 20.9d

Weight: 109.5g

SKU: 1-5-7OceJasTowBot-49-109.5 | #1030