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UV Reactive Hackmanite Freeform

  • $97.00

Delight in the Azure Echoes Hackmanite Freeform, thoughtfully priced at $97.00. This large piece weighs 429.3 grams and measures 79.4mm by 59.4mm by 51.8mm. It is an artistic expression of nature's canvas, adorned with vibrant blue patterns that resonate with the depth of the ocean's heart.

The Hackmanite freeform, distinguished by its tenebrescence, shifts its color intensity with exposure to light, akin to the deep sea's ever-changing shades. This sizable stone is a testament to the dynamic beauty of our natural world, inviting contemplation and wonder.

With its rich blue hues, this Hackmanite piece is linked to the throat chakra, enhancing communication and self-expression. As a centerpiece, it not only stands as a striking natural sculpture but also as an energetic tool, encouraging truthfulness and clarity in thought.

The Azure Echoes Hackmanite Freeform is a remarkable and potent emblem of the earth's artistry, perfect for those who seek to infuse their surroundings with the powerful serenity of the color blue.

Dimensions: 79.4h x 59.4w x 51.8d mm

Weight: 429.3 grams

SKU: 2-2-5HacFreLar-97-429.3 | #1057