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Azure Artisan Sodalite Freeform Chisel

  • $49.00

Introducing the Azure Artisan Sodalite Freeform Chisel, modestly priced at $49.00. This slender beauty weighs 86 grams and its dimensions are 82.2mm by 36.5mm by 21.5mm. The piece showcases the stunning interplay of vivid azure with natural whites, crafting a visual reminiscent of ancient artisanal works.

The sodalite stone's deep blue is celebrated for fostering logical thinking, intuition, and truth. This chisel-shaped freeform, with its sharp lines and contrasting colors, embodies the precision of thought and the purity of authentic expression.

Designed to captivate and inspire, this piece is an ideal addition for anyone seeking to enhance their communicative abilities or for those who appreciate the natural artistry of minerals. Its presence in a space can stir the soul and sharpen the mind.

Acquire the Azure Artisan Sodalite Freeform Chisel to inject your collection with a touch of sculpted sophistication and the deep, contemplative blues of sodalite.

Dimensions: 82.2h x 36.5w x 21.5d mm

Weight: 86 grams

SKU: 2-4-1SodFreChi-49-86 | #1063