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High Quality Purple Labradorite Freeform

  • $149.00

Stand in awe of the Amethyst Crest Large Purple Mound Labradorite Freeform, where the regal purple hues meet the mystical shimmer of labradorite. It's a treasure trove of majesty and mystery, akin to the crown of a royal summit.

Valued in Feng Shui for its protective qualities and connection to the higher mind, this large freeform piece commands attention, ideal for enhancing spiritual awareness and wisdom in your environment.

Adorn your space with the Amethyst Crest to embrace the sovereign energy it exudes.

Dimensions: 111.6 x 91.7 x 44.9 mm
Weight: 750 grams
SKU: 3-1-3LarPurMouLabFre-119-750-1119