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What is Lepidolite?

What is Lepidolite?

Lepidolite is a type of mica that mostly comes in soft pink, purple, and red hues, and expresses a shining, pearly luster. It is found in few localities, which include California, Russia, Brazil, and Africa. 'Lepidolite' comes from the Greek word 'Lepidos', meaning "scales".

What is Lepidolite?

Lepidolite is a type of mica that mostly comes in soft pink, purple, and red hues, and expresses a shining, pearly luster. It is found in few localities, which include California, Russia, Brazil, and Africa. 'Lepidolite' comes from the Greek word 'Lepidos', meaning "scales". It is a phyllosilicate, or sheet silicate, mineral, meaning it forms in flat sheets that stack upon one another. It grows in 4 sided prismatic crystals (sometimes tabular) with a 2 sided pinacoid termination. Now what the HECK does THAT mean?!

It's simple, really. Prismatic crystals have opposite faces that are parallel to one another (ex. Tourmaline). Pinacoid terminations have two parallel faces that resemble the top and bottom of a book.

Lepidolite is most commonly found in granite pegmatites, which are masses of igneous rock that contain large crystals and cool very slowly after the final stage of magma crystallization. This process requires special conditions, making Lepidolite a rare mica. Note* Recent research suggests that this process may actually occur very quickly, although the debate is still on.

Lepidolite gets its unique color from Lithium, an alkali metal that was first discovered through a mineral named Petalite. Lithium has many uses in daily life, including rechargeable batteries and medications to treat manic depression. Which leads us to the next section of our lesson..

What are the metaphysical properties of Lepidolite?

Lepidolite is known throughout the metaphysical community to be one of the best minerals for addressing depression and anxiety - this is due to its high Lithium content (remember reading about Lithium's use in manic depression medication just a moment ago?) It is believed to get deep down into the core of your emotions, and gently extract them to be addressed by your conscious mind. By doing so, it gives you the opportunity to re-wire mental, behavioral, and emotional neural pathways and patterns. It is excellent for reducing fear during times of transition, breaking emotional attachments (such as co-dependent relationships), and developing potent independence.

Sometimes, you may find yourself obsessing over, or ruminating on, negative thoughts or memories. Lepidolite may quickly bring you back into a state of equilibrium and optimism. In addressing Heart Chakra imbalances, it also allows you to let go of the pain in your heart that keeps you coming back to those negative feelings.

In Chinese Medicine, Lepidolite is indicated for chronic and degenerative pain, heart irregularities, Yin (or passive energy) stagnation in the hips and shoulders, infertility due to Yang (active energy) deficiency, sciatica, and emotional trauma.

A Lepidolite Meditation for YOU

Grab your favorite Lepidolite - it can be any shape or color variation. Before you begin your meditation, prime your heart by thinking loving thoughts about yourself and your life. Soften your energy and invite compassion into your body. Let your heart know that whatever emotions or memories come up, it is safe to feel on the journey of letting go. Lay down on the floor, or somewhere comfortable, and place the Lepidolite on your chest.

Close your eyes and focus on slowing down your heart rate. Do this by breathing in gently, deeply, and slowly. As you continue breathing, draw your attention to your shoulders and actively release tension there. Then, follow your attention down to your hips, where many emotions are stored. Picture any traumas that may be stuck there as hardened stone - imagine a rushing river fiercely washing over the stone, smoothing it out continuously until it is no longer big and jagged. Envision yourself reaching into your hips and pulling the polished river stone out. Turn them into feathers and allow them to float away in the wind to be left behind forever.

You feel lighter and full of ease now. Your breathing gets deeper and you bring your attention to the weight of the Lepidolite on your chest. That weight gets heavier, and heavier, activating the Heart Chakra to its awakening. Lepidolite's calming, purple, and loving energy envelops your Heart and holds it, so it no longer has to carry the weight of your emotions on its own. You feel a great amount of release.

Light begins to shine brightly from the crystal and penetrates your chest cavity to draw out the heavy darkness that hides there. It continues to do so until all of the darkness is drawn out of your Heart. Then, the light quickly snaps back into the crystal, taking the darkness, pain, and negativity with it.

Take the deepest, longest breath yet and release a loud sigh. You may do this as many times as you like. When you feel ready, wiggle your extremities and open your eyes.

Grab the Lepidolite from your chest and immediately cleanse it, using your favorite crystal cleansing method. You may safely do this using Palo Santo, sound, salt, or placing it on the Earth.

As you cleanse the Lepidolite, repeat these affirmations one after the other, at least 3-5 times, or as many times as you need until it rings true.

  • I AM happy, relaxed, and calm.
  • I AM optimistic.
  • I AM brave.
  • I AM letting go.

When you complete the cleansing, give yourself and your Lepidolite a big energy hug, and allow compassion for yourself and others to permeate existence.

Want to adopt your own Lepidolite for your healing practice? Find them here!

With love,


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