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I'm Amaris, Welcome to my Wonderland

I'm Amaris, Welcome to my Wonderland

I invite you into my world to connect with you beyond the magical crystals, handmade art, and colorful photography. Although these pieces of me are essential to Amarisland, they are but a small portion of the foundation in which my crystalline wonderland lays upon.

Sharing energy, love, and inspiration with you has been the #1 most important thing to me since the start of Amarisland 2 years ago. Amarisland is not just a shop, but also a place in which people can go to express their truest selves and find the magic within that frees them from their fears. It is a place of love, creativity, art, and genuine expression. It is an environment where anyone can come to find their inner light and child-like spirit. In everything that I create and share, I make it my mission to bring you to this place, which is not separate from you, but already within you.

When I created Amarisland (Am-uh-riss Land) I was in one of the darkest places of my life. Autoimmune disease wreaked havoc on my body, my self-love and confidence was crushed in a previous relationship, and waves of depression came and went as a result. I was lost; however, this darkness was the catalyst to me finding my way to Amarisland.

My birth name is Christina, but I learned to love 'Amaris' as the representation of the woman I am when I live free from fear and act only from a place of love, just like children untouched by the woes of the world. Amaris is my inner child touched by the warmth and guidance of the light, which felt so incredible after being inundated with so much pain. AmarisLAND became that place within me where I was finally free, and eventually the place where others could go to feel the same thing. Crystals helped guide the way.

As a little girl, I was fascinated by the Earth, and especially by crystals and minerals! I collected, and studied, them from a very young age, but I lost touch with my collection when I left home for college. They didn't stay away for long, though. I stumbled upon my collection again in the thick of my sadness and it immediately evoked memories of my childhood within me. I felt the simple joy I would experience whenever I found a new stone. I reminisced on the confidence I had in my ability to change the world. For a second, I forgot my pain. I realized I didn't have to sit in that place anymore and my inner child reminded me of that. I began to use crystals in my healing and the rest is history.

I am motivated to share the power of crystals, childlike wonder, magic, and LOVE. I want people to know they are not alone and that there is always hope. That is why I describe my work as "Conscious Expressions of Universal Love". Because we, as humans, are one with each other and the universe around us. Every piece of art I make is a reflection of an emotion, or a deep place in my soul that I know all humans eventually feel, or go through, at some point in time. We each suffer, dream, love, smile, and cry. I've been through it too. So, when I express through my creations, I reach out to other souls who recognize that emotion, and that connection is everything to me. THAT is the foundation of Amarisland. It all comes from a place of universal love, meaning the love is not meant for just one person, belief, or thing. Amarisland is meant for all.




  • Posted by LInda Muir on

    Your message is as beautiful as you are. I’m so glad you have found joy in creating such fantastic pieces of art. Uncle Ray would be so proud of you. ? Love, Linda

  • Posted by Sylvia on

    What you have to say is beautiful. The way you express yourself is from a genuine space and one can feel the compassion in your expressions.

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