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Serenity Strawberry Quartz Tower - A Pillar of Heartfelt Harmony

  • $111.00

Introducing the Serenity Strawberry Quartz Tower, a substantial presence in any space at 337.4 grams, with a commanding height of 158mm, a width of 45.1mm, and a depth of 33.2mm. This tower's gentle pink hue exudes a warmth akin to a serene sunset, inviting love and tenderness into your home.

The soft, consistent color of Strawberry Quartz resonates with the heart chakra, making it a stone of emotional empowerment. Its color therapy benefits include fostering a sense of security and providing comfort in times of stress. This tower stands not only as a visual delight but also as a beacon of compassion and understanding.

Perfectly suited for the southwest region of your home or office, this Strawberry Quartz Tower enhances relationships and promotes emotional connections according to Feng Shui principles. Its placement here encourages a loving and supportive atmosphere, promoting harmony in partnerships.

With its grounding yet uplifting energy, the Serenity Strawberry Quartz Tower is ideal for meditation spaces, as an exquisite addition to any crystal collection, or as a meaningful centerpiece in your living area. It embodies grace, inner peace, and the nurturing essence of the heart.

Allow this Strawberry Quartz Tower to anchor a sense of heartfelt harmony in your surroundings, standing tall as a symbol of enduring affection and gentle growth.

Dimensions: 158h x 45.1w x 33.2d 

Weight: 337.4g

SKU: 1-3-1StrQuaTow-111-337.4 | #1017