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Petrified Wood Hearts of Ancestral Healing

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One (1) intuitively chosen Petrified Wood Heart. Choose your size: Small or Regular.

Petrified Wood is a truly unique gift from Mother Earth. As a type of wood that has been agatized, it carries an immense amount of history within its form. The organic matter of the wood in Petrified Wood has been replaced with other minerals, such as Quartz and Agate; however, it completely maintains its original shape and look! Some Petrfied Wood is preserved so well that one cannot even tell it is stone until attempting to pick it up! Within the metaphysical community, Petrified Wood is widely used for its connection to the past, for healing ancestral trauma and integrating past lives. Some use Petrified Wood in energy work to come to terms with Past Life Karma, and to better learn how to utilize the past to create a brighter future.

Each of these Petrified Wood hearts has an incredible vibration, as well as one of a kind patterns and colors. Within each stone is the opportunity to integrate energy and information that has been neglected, or left behind. In doing so, you can learn how to utilize your experiences to create more positivity and growth in your life, as well as address any unsolved trauma that is being carried throughout your ancestral DNA.

No 2 minerals are ever the exact same, so please anticipate that there will be some differences in appearance; however, the pieces shown in these images are a great representation of the crystal you will receive.


Small (Approx. 8 grams)

Regular (Approx. 12 grams)


Small (Approx. 22 x 24mm )

Regular (Approx. 26 x 29mm )

With love,

Amaris <3