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Mystical Garden Quartz Point - A Clear Vision of Nature’s Mosaic

  • $19.00

Introducing our Mystical Garden Quartz Point, a crystal clear window into an emerald wonderland. With dimensions of 16.2mm in height, 44.7mm in width, and 25.5mm in depth, this 20-gram quartz point captures a microcosm of the natural world, presenting a mesmerizing array of internal landscapes.

Peer into the garden-like inclusions, where every fleck of green tells a story of growth, harmony, and the interconnectedness of life. In color therapy, green represents healing, balance, and prosperity, and this crystal point amplifies these energies, becoming a potent symbol for nurturing one’s physical and spiritual garden.

This Garden Quartz Point is ideal for the northern sector of your home, as per Feng Shui. The north is associated with life's journey and is believed to support career and life path, making this crystal a beacon for guidance and introspective clarity.

Whether used as a tool for focused meditation, a stunning addition to a crystal enthusiast’s collection, or simply a piece to adorn a space with nature’s art, this Garden Quartz Point brings the outside in, offering a serene piece of the eternal growth cycle.

Allow the Mystical Garden Quartz Point to anchor your space, promoting a continuous flow of refreshing and revitalizing energy, and a constant connection to the earth's endless beauty.

Dimensions: 16.2h x 44.7w x 25.5d

Weight: 20g

SKU: 1-2-2GarQuaPoi1-19-20 | #1009