• Stalactite Rain Cloud Pendant Necklace from Above
  • Stalactite Rain Cloud Pendant Necklace from Above in Detail
  • Stalactite Rain Cloud Pendant Necklace Laid Flat
  • Stalactite Rain Cloud Pendant Necklace with Chain
  • Stalactite Rain Cloud Pendant Necklace up Close Held in Hand

Stalactite Rain Cloud Pendant Necklace with Angel Aura Quartz, Opalite, & Aura Chalcedony


With colors so vibrant and chameleon mimicking effects, this pendant brings a sense of wonder and imagination to the wearer, as well as to all those around her/him. The Aura Chalcedony is reminiscent of a sparkling cloud, which shifts from hot pink to aqua green/blue, depending on the angle in which it is held. The double pointed Opalite piece is pastel in color, but erupts into a firey orange when held up to the sunlight. This pendant is finalized with 3 icicle shaped Angel Aura Quartz points with stunning, heart-stopping colors! Spend your time in wonderland and bring out your inner child with this fairy tale pendant!

I created this pendant with a process called electroforming, which involves plating the crystal with copper through alchemy. Prior to the plating process, there is a lot of sculpting and design work involved. The electroforming process has many steps and requires close attention to detail. From start to finish, it usually takes up to 2 (or more) days for me to completely finish the pendant. After spending no less than 10-12 hours in the bath (sometimes up to 15-20 hours) the pendant is ready for the next step. After polishing and sanding the copper, I then give the piece a hand painted patina, giving the copper the antique appearance you see in the photographs. Then, I hand antique the copper chain to match the color of the copper on the necklace, completing the final step in the process.

Please do your best to treat your jewelry with love and it will last you a very long time! Avoid submerging the piece in water, as this may cause damage to it.

If you have any requests for a specific length of chain, please leave me a note upon checkout! Thank you for looking!

With love,

Amaris <3

Chain Length: 19.5in.

102mm x 54mm x15mm