• 'Colors Intertwined in Love' Photo Print

'Colors Intertwined in Love' Photo Print


The balance of colors that exists in every aspect of this photo are stunning and ethereal to the eyes. The greens, pinks, and purples are so complementary to one another, and the black surface/black crystals create a stark contrast that allows for the bright colors to pop. The magenta and blue flowers add a splash of extra color. This image reminds me of the changing seasons, as well as the duality of light and dark. The crystals featured in this print are Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Chevron Amethyst, Shungite, Black Moonstone, and Gabbro.

Dimensions: 8x10

**Please note, there is a glare on the left side of the image here, that does not exist on the actual print.

Photography by Amaris <3