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Lapis Lazuli Disk with Pyrite

  • $22.00

Experience the transformative resonance of the Lapis Lazuli Disk with Pyrite – a radiant circular specimen that captures the deep blue hues, dazzling golden Pyrite inclusions, and potent properties of Lapis Lazuli. This exceptional disk is a unique treasure for crystal enthusiasts, collectors, and healing practitioners seeking to harmonize their energy, enhance their intuition, and connect with the protective and enlightening energies of Lapis Lazuli.

Metaphysical Properties:

Lapis Lazuli is renowned for its deep blue color, golden Pyrite flecks, and potent properties of inner truth, wisdom, and spiritual insight. This Lapis Lazuli Disk, adorned with shimmering Pyrite inclusions and a mesmerizing circular shape, resonates harmoniously with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, fostering mental clarity, intuitive wisdom, effective communication, and a deeper connection to higher consciousness and universal energies.


Composed primarily of lazurite, calcite, and pyrite, Lapis Lazuli's distinctive deep blue coloration and golden Pyrite inclusions form a captivating mosaic that highlights the natural beauty, complexity, and purity of this vibrant mineral.

Healing Practices:

Incorporating this Lapis Lazuli Disk with Pyrite into your healing practice can be a profoundly enriching and transformative experience. Its balancing and harmonizing properties can be utilized to:

  • Awaken Inner Wisdom and Spiritual Insight: Hold the disk during meditation to activate and align the Third Eye Chakra, promoting enhanced intuition, spiritual insight, wisdom, and a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe.

  • Encourage Authentic Communication and Self-Expression: Use the disk to stimulate and open the Throat Chakra, facilitating clear and authentic communication, self-expression, creativity, and the courage to speak one's truth.

  • Promote Protective Energies and Energetic Grounding: Meditate with the disk to create an energetic shield around your aura, promoting protection against negative energies, psychic disturbances, and imbalances, while fostering grounding, stability, and inner peace.

Dimensions: 46.1 x 47.5 x 9.9 mm
Weight: 41.1 grams
SKU: 2-9-4LapPalCir-19-41.1-1100