Amphibole Quartz of Angelic Healing


Striking phantoms are the stars that shine in these gorgeous, very rare Amphibole Quartz from Brazil. The clarity of the Quartz is high, allowing for the focus to be directly on the ghost like crystal formations within. Amphibole is only found in one place in Brazil, making it a highly sought out treasure.

This crystal is useful in times of deep meditation, spiritual transformation, and in communicating with the Angels. It creates a safe space for you to sink in to mental peace and relaxation, while you vulnerably explore the messages that your universal consciousness has to share with you. It may help you to evolve psychically, and remove the barriers that prevent you from accessing your intutition and Divine Guidance. As Amphibole Quartz resonates with the upper Chakras, lucid dreaming becomes even more possible when you sleep with one next to you, or under your pillow. 


Sm: ~15g

Md: ~25g

Lg: ~40g

XL: ~50g


NOTE: All pieces are unique and vary in size and shape, as well as mineral composition. You will receive one intuitively selected Amphibole Quartz crystal.