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Ibis Jasper Hearts of Integrated Spirit

  • $13.00

One (1) intuitively chosen Ibis Jasper Heart.

Ibis Jasper is known to be Earth's Mosaic Art -- a brecciated Jasper that consists of a conglomerate of stones and minerals, fused together by a type of Quartz, including Chalcedony. The colors are abundant and vibrant. Due to the unique way in which it forms, Ibis Jasper is known throughout the metaphysical community for picking up your pieces after you fail, or experience trauma, and integrated the experiences into your Highest Self and Purpose. Many energy workers enjoy using it to bring a sense of collected calm and order to situations in which things may be slightly confusing or chaotic.

With each Ibis Jasper heart comes a unique story of the Earth's processes. Imagine the abundance of minerals and the length of time it took to create such an incredible work of art! Upon receiving your intuitively chosen Ibis Jasper heart, take a moment to get to know it. Study its patterns and colors. Ask your Ibis Jasper to bring clarity, calm, and integrated wellness into your life. Meditate with it in hand and trust that it will show you the way.

No 2 minerals are ever the exact same, so please anticipate that there will be some differences in appearance, especially in color; however, the pieces shown in these images are a great representation of the crystal you will receive.

Weight: Approx. 25 grams

Dimensions: Approx. 30 x 36mm

With love,

Amaris <3