• Mortar and Pestle with red candles burning next to herbs displayed on a black slate next to ceramic cups
  • Close up of a beautiful hand holding a pestle, grinding an herb in a mortar on black slate with red candles burning in the background
  • Close up of cordyceps mushroom powder on a silver spoon gently spilling over the side onto a black slate
  • Close up of a black slate displaying herbs and leaves next to three spoons with dark and light colored powders.
  • Ground herb being poured from a mortar into a ceramic cup over a black slate displaying herbs
  • Powerful photograph capturing a woman's hands grinding herbs in a mortar and pestle with roots and powders displayed on a black slab of slate
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  • Three spoons held together over the opening of a ceramic cup with black and beige powders about to be poured in

Venusian Nectar Herbal Blend


From wild harvested Damiana, to organic, 100% cacao powder, Venusian Nectar has everything you’re seeking to increase your vitality, and beyond!

We picked the most powerful roots, leaves and powders in our apothecary to create a potent aid for you, in your journey toward bliss. What we’ve discovered in our personal healing, is that nothing effects our powerful drives, quite as intensely as bad sleep and unending stress. With all of the information flying at us, and an endless pressure, both externally and internally, it is no wonder why more people are struggling to have good sex, and as a result, good sleep!

While the flavor of Venusian Nectar awakens your senses, and soothes your palette, it is also going to work - smoothing out the nastier side of sustained, daily stress. Venusian Nectar has a way of calming your mind, grounding your body and simultaneously tapping into your ability to achieve arousal, sensual or otherwise.

Cacao and Maca together, make for an incredible, natural aphrodisiac which I’ve used every day to achieve what I believe to be, the bodies most efficient state. When you enter a chronic state of euphoria, bordering on arousal you will feel AMAZING!

Do you want to FEEL GOOD more often, throughout more of your day? What’s keeping you from this feeling? Whether it is a serious lack of energy, or that you’re just waiting for something to come along and change your life, Venusian Nectar can help you feel your best throughout the day!

Look for it to help you get over AND under the sheets in your life. If you know what I’m saying! :)


Pour 8oz water over 1-2tbs of Venusian Nectar, serving yourself with pleasure and bliss, 1-hour before you start your day, to increase euphoria and ground in to your bodies natural state of joy. 


This listing is for 1.5oz Herbal Blend in Black Standing Pouch

Approx: (21 days of Increased Euphoria)

NOTE: We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.