• Rutilated Epidote Quartz Left Side in Detail
  • Rutilated Epidote Quartz Point in Detail
  • Rutilated Epidote Quartz Right Side in Detail
  • Rutilated Epidote Quartz Back of Point in Detail
  • Rutilated Epidote Quartz Back from Below
  • Rutilated Epidote Quartz Back with Rough Side shown in Detail
  • Rutilated Epidote Quartz Back with Rough Edge shown in Detail
  • Rutilated Epidote Quartz Polished Face
  • Rutilated Epidote Quartz Rough Edge in Point shown Up Close

Rutilated Epidote and Chlorite Quartz Tower of Reflective Mirroring


This is the most interesting crystal Amarisland has ever carried. It consists of a forest inspired inner wonderland that shows proof that nature works in mysterious, and inspiring, ways. Not only does this piece have Epidote and Rutile inclusions, but it also has Chlorite inclusions that form a distinct phantom in the the termination. Given the fact that all of these inclusions are present within Quartz, the potency of the healing and energy you will receive from this piece are amplified to the highest level. This is an incredible thing because all of these minerals work together in a synchronistic and empowering way.

Epidote is known to give you more of what your project out into the world - if you are positive, you will receive more positivity. If you are negative, you may be the receiving end of more negativity. In doing so, Epidote establishes an important self-awareness that is necessary in determining what you need to do to reach your fullest potential. A sweet plus is that Epidote is also known for improving relationships - quite possibly because it illuminates what actions you may need to take to become a better partner, friend, family member, etc.

Chlorite is a mineral that allows you to release any blockages that may cause you to run in fear when the Epidote illuminates who you are. It opens you up to forgiving yourself and others, giving you the strength to truly approach healing from a place of non-judgment and hope.

Rutiles release fears, phobias, and anxiety, while opening up your Crown Chakra to guidance from your Angels and Highest Self. It is also well-known for its ability to shine light on your deepest, darkest spaces to show you where you exist in vibrance and where you need healing.

With this gorgeous Raw Epidote and Rutile Included Quartz Tower in your collection, you begin to feel significant improvements in your relationship with the world around you. You feel at home and comfortable in your existence, without having to apologize for your past, or past versions of yourself. You become fully aware that you are capable of moving forward in a new, empowered light.

Your relationships are one of the most important parts of your human experience. Whether it involves your relationship with self, or with others, being self-aware and healing your pains first, will completely shift your perspective and experience in the world - this piece will gracefully guide you on this journey to total self-improvement.

Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.7 x 2.1 in.

Weight: 527g