• Star Shaped face of Quartz with Green Tourmaline Inclusion
  • Back Right point of Hexagon shaped Quartz with Green Tourmaline inclusion
  • Back left view showcasing Green Tourmaline in Quartz polished hexagon
  • Hexagon Quartz with Green Tourmaline Inclusion laying on purple background and point facing camera
  • Green Tourmaline and Quartz Hexagon on vivid purple background

Green Tourmaline in Quartz Hexagon of Open Hearts


Uniquely polished and shaped like a hexagon, this Green Tourmaline in Quartz is unlike anything you've seen. Rainbows dance around the vibrant Green Tourmaline and reflect like prisms through the faceted angles. It pierces directly through the side of the hexagon, then sprays into opposing directions. Holding this special piece feels as though you carry the infinite, heart-opening energy of Source in the palm of your hand.

This combination of crystals will connect you to your Heart Chakra, unleashing power, compassion and self love. The Quartz amplifies the healing properties of the Green Tourmaline, while clearing negative energy and enhancing intentional energy.

As a divine Masculine crystal, Green Tourmaline balances out traumas relating to the masculine, such as blockages caused by father figures, etc. It is also excellent for those looking to improve their green thumb - it can be placed in gardens to assist in growing plant life. 

Whether you are on a journey to seek love, or wish to attract abundance into your life, this piece will make a magnificent addition to any healing crystal collection.

Weight: 150g

Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.7 x 0.9 in