• Gemmy Rhodochrosite Cabochon held in hand over a purple background with dried flowers
  • Delicious pink and white veins on a Gemmy Rhodochrosite Cabochon
  • Gemmy Rhodochrosite Cabochon of Heart Expansion
  • Shimmering rhodochrosite held in thumb and finger
  • Rhodochrosite with pink and white inclusions held over a purple background
  • The back of a rhodochrosite cabochon displaying the marbled veins
  • Back of a rhodochrosite cabochon held upright over a purple background

Gemmy Rhodochrosite Cabochon of Heart Expansion

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Rhodochrosite is formed by manganese. Manganese is dissolved by ground water and drips off the ceiling of caves and crevices deep underground. This candy colored, little gem has such vibrant, marbled veins of white and a beautiful, black inclusion caused by exposure to air during its formation.

Rhodochrosite is believed to attract love and can help release past psychological issues. It will open your heart and allow you to see yourself in a more loving light, thereby increasing self-confidence and desire to give that energy back to the world.

This small yet powerful stone is great to rub between your fingers if you're feeling stressed. Its ability to release negativity from your past can help create space for living a more compassionate life.

With its translucent pink hue and unique healing abilities, this cabochon will naturally protect your spirit and increase your vibration in all matters of the heart.

Weight: 16g

Dimensions: 1.7 x 1 x 0.3 in.