• Brilliant Copper Sphere Front
  • Brilliant Copper Sphere Held in Hand
  • Brilliant Copper Sphere Bottom
  • Brilliant Copper Sphere From Above
  • Brilliant Copper Sphere from Above
  • Brilliant Copper Sphere Left Side

Copper Sphere of Grounding Intelligence


Copper is a powerful earth metal that brings unmatched grounding energy, stability, and balance to those that come into contact with it. In spherical shape (like the piece in this listing), Copper reflects light from every point of its surface, shining a golden light that permeates the Heart center and travels up to the Third Eye, back down to the Root. Your mind becomes awakened with vitality, circulating vibrant, long-lasting energy throughout your body, mind, and soul. Holding it in your hand acts as a weight, bringing you closer to the Earth and reminding you of your connection to all of nature.

Metaphysical properties:

Copper is believed to connect one to the earth, bringing grounding and mental/emotional/physical balance to those that utilize it in their healing practice. It invigorates the mind and stimulates wit, creativity, and mental fortitude. It enhances the energy of other earth element crystals and opens the door to powerful spiritual transformation and growth.

It's antibacterial properties allow for protection from microbes that cause illness and it is believed by many to ease arthritis and joint stiffness, simply by having it in contact with the body. Furthermore, it creates an opportunity for absorption of essential minerals like Zinc and Iron. In Ayurveda, copper is used to purify water and balance out all of the Doshas.

Reach a state of inner and outer wellness through the use of this copper sphere, and open up the potential to become the highest version of yourself.

Weight: 526g

Dimensions: 48.5mm