• Clear face of a rainbow filled quartz point captured on a purple background
  • Side angle of clear quartz point on purple background amidst greenery, surrounded by dried flowers
  • Rainbow swirl captured on the inside of a clear quartz point

Clear Quartz Crystal Point of Rainbow Stars


Clear Quartz forms when oxygen and silicone combine under the intense forces of lava flow. As lava is in a continuous state of movement, Crystal Quartz are among the most common minerals found on Earth. The beauty of this specific piece and its explosive rainbows are a testament to all that this piece survived, strengthening its ability to increase vibrations and transfer its strength to you.

Quartz has been considered a living, solid formation of light that can act as a bridge between this dimension and the dimensions beyond - allowing you access to hidden knowledge and power. Let this Crystal Point be a mirror for you to achieve inner sight along your journey.

The abundant rainbows in this high quality Clear Quartz tower are metaphysical messages that no matter what you go through in this lifetime, you are still capable of shining brightly. In fact, our traumas and painful moments are necessary to build us into the most colorful, beautiful versions of ourselves, as long as we realize that we have the choice to shine.

This specimen was glowing amidst a group of other Quartz Points, and the rainbows reflected were visible from across a warehouse. Let this crystal become your point of reflection, a source light in a time of darkness and a companion, when traveling deep within yourself. 

Weight: 310g

Dimensions: 2.7 x 1.7 x 3 in.