• Blue Kyanite Wing with Black Tips Front
  • Blue Kyanite Wing with Black Tips Back
  • Blue Kyanite Wing with Black Tips Front Detail
  • Blue Kyanite Wing with Black Tips Back Detail
  • Blue Kyanite Wing with Black Tips from Underneath
  • Blue Kyanite Wing with Black Tips Self Standing
  • Blue Kyanite Wing with Black Tips in Hand

Rare Black and Blue Kyanite Crystal Wing of Celestial Heights


In a sight so rare, this Blue Kyanite crystal wing also features Black Kyanite tips that contrast beautifully among this crystal's celestial blues. The shape resembles an angel wing, giving it an ethereal and peaceful energy that you can feel the moment you make contact with it. When holding it in your hand, it sits comfortably there, as if it was created by the Earth to be grasped and held during meditation. Calcite formations on the top of the wing add another powerful element of magic and healing energy - this is a 3-in-1 crystal that will protect you from negative energy, help you to discover your truth, and strengthen your auric field.

Healing Properties Meditation

Focused on growth, confidence, balancing your Throat Chakra, and speaking your truth, you imagine yourself holding this crystal in your left hand and receiving its potent healing energies which guide you to your goal destination. Rubbing your hands gently along its surface, your senses are invigorated by the texture and your Third Eye opens to receive the powerful visions of your journey. Consciously absorbing its soft, yet vibrant, blue color with your eyes, your Throat Chakra begins to activate and open up your voice - suddenly you feel bold, brave, and able to honor your truth with expressive confidence. You no longer question what you have to say and why you feel passionately about it - you just do, and that is more than enough. The Black Kyanite then infuses a protective energy that keeps you safe from those that want to bring you down in your new elevated state. It encourages you to be grounded in where you stand and enhances your intuition, so you may continue progressing forward in Divine light and guidance.

Express yourself confidently and open your mind's eye to the divine messages around you by adding this one of a kind, Blue and Black Kyanite angel wing to your crystal collection.

Dimensions: 4.6 x 3 x 1.7 in.

Weight: 463g