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Polychrome Jasper Hearts of Childlike Nature

  • $13.00

One (1) intuitively chosen Polychrome Jasper Heart.

Polychrome Jasper is one of the most colorful varieties of stone. Purple, blue, teal, pink, orange, white, green, red and yellow come together to create one of a kind patterns that can only be found in Polychrome Jasper. Because it is so colorful, Polychrome Jasper is one of my favorite stones for use in color therapy -- the art of using color to address ailments and dis-ease. Simply following the patterns and absorbing the colors with your eyes, creates a relaxing sensation that soothes the mind and awakens childlike wonder. It makes sense that Polychrome Jasper is known for its energy of increasing optimism, encouraging action and bravery, and achieving childlike joy!

With colors bright and magical, each of these Polychrome Jasper hearts have a beautiful story to tell. Upon receiving your intuitively chosen heart, I encourage you to study its patterns and meditate on the energy it provides, as well as the story it has to share with you. There is so much to learn!

No 2 minerals are ever the exact same, so please anticipate that there will be some differences in appearance, especially in color; however, the pieces shown in these images are a great representation of the crystal you will receive.

Weight: Approx. 19 grams

Dimensions: Approx. 32 x 37mm

With love,

Amaris <3