• Front faces of Smokey Phantom Garden Quartz point held in hand
  • Back side of Phantom Smokey Garden Quartz Point with layer of white mineral
  • Top view of Smokey Phantom Garden Quartz with raw mineral inclusions
  • Close up of multiple phantoms in Smokey Garden Quartz point held in hand on purple background

Phantom Garden Quartz Point of Fluorishing Truth


The number of Phantoms that live within this Smokey Garden Quartz point is of epic proportions - they can be seen at every angle, and through every face, of the point. Raw mineral inclusions can be felt by the hand, as it is exposed on the outer surfaces of the crystal, as well as included throughout it. 

Phantoms are the remnants of older crystal growths that occurred before another crystal formed around it. The remaining 'ghost' of the point is a result of a difference in mineral composition. 

Garden Quartz is unique due to its picturesque mineral inclusions, which often create a 'landscape', or 'garden', you can look upon when meditating on it. It is believed that Garden Quartz carries ancient wisdom and opens you up to communication with your guides and ancestors. It assists you in manifesting your dreams and tending to the 'garden' of your life, so it may flourish abundantly.

Transform your life and communicate with your guides to do so with direction and momentum - the messages that are carried within this crystal are abundant and ready to assist you on your journey.

Weight: 52g

Dimensions: 2.5 x 1 x 0.9 inches