• Natural surface of a Masculine Shaman Stone held above a purple backkground
  • Face of a shaman stone in the shape of a classic UFO held over a white and purple background
  • Back and side view of a shaman stone held gently within the hand.

Large Shaman Stone of Divine Masculine


Boji Stones or Moqui Marbles, form when iron and silicone are merged with sandstone. Although they appear hand rolled, they are naturally rounded by the forces present during their creation. Shaman Stones are another name for these powerful specimens, promoting access to the divine. These unique, potent stones appear as masculine, feminine or androgynous and help balance the divine energies within us.

For thousands of years, shamans have healed specific ailments within the body or have placed one in each hand to balance the entire energetic body.  These Stones are a powerful anchor when you are exploring the Astral planes.

Shaman Stones act as a conduit, grounding and realigning you with the earth, propelling your inner journey forward, granting a calm demeanor, and increase inner peace when dealing with worldly issues. In traveling to the etheric plane, let this masculine energy guide you, leading you on a journey through light, enabling travel further from yourself and deeper into the heart of Mother Nature.

As a divine stone connected with source, allow this Earth Treasure to remind you of your Divine Identity. Seek the power of this stone in your astral meditations and let it realign your sexual energies, promoting a more harmonic experience, charging you from within with cosmic truth and the enabling you to operate with advanced potential.

Weight: 270g

Dimensions: 2.1 x 2.6 in.