• Prismatic Blue and Green Labradorite Front
  • Prismatic Flashing Labradorite Front Detail
  • Prismatic Blue and Green Labradorite Self Standing
  • Prismatic Blue and Green Labradorite Front with Rainbows
  • Prismatic Blue and Green Labradorite Back in Detail
  • Prismatic Blue and Green Labradorite Back

Labradorite Freeform of Hidden Magic


Labradorite is a divine expression of the incredible power and magic that Mother Nature carries. This colorful Labradorite freeform is no exception. In an unlikely pattern, this Labradorite glows in an array of colors that cover the whole spectrum. The left side consists of a large block of colors, like gold, teal, royal blue, and some pink. The right side features a speckled flash consisting of yellow, gold, blue, purple/pink, orange, and green. This is a truly unique, one of a kind piece that resembles nothing I have ever seen before and its energy is utterly magnetic.

Labradorite is known as the 'Stone of Magic', and considered to be one of the best minerals to assist you through times of change and transformation. The Inuit people believed that Labradorite was the remnants of the Aurora Borealis fallen from the sky. It is a powerful auric shield that is used by healers, shamans, and universal travelers to increase intuition, awaken the spirit, and for guidance into new levels of consciousness.

Gazing gently at the surface of this Labradorite freeform, you find that you are drawn to look beyond the abundance of colors that shine brightly back at you. Your curiosity is sparked at the story that lies behind this incredible Earth treasure, so your journey into its core to envision where it came from and what it had to experience in order to arrive. Your intuition awakens and visions of millions of years of magic begin to fill your perspective. Through this crystal, you are keen on the fact that you are made of the same divine energy, and you find comfort in knowing the journey that brought you here is just as powerful and important.

If you are in search of Higher Truth and divine guidance on your life journey, this Labradorite freeform will make an excellent companion and addition to your crystal collection.

Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 2 in.

Weight: 580g