• Genuine Citrine Tower Point from Above in Detail
  • Genuine Citrine Tower Front
  • Genuine Citrine Tower Left Side
  • Genuine Citrine Tower Back
  • Genuine Citrine Tower Right Side
  • Genuine Citrine Tower Right Side Details
  • Genuine Citrine Tower Back Left

Genuine Citrine Tower of Manifest Abundance


Genuine Citrine is particularly special to come by due to the fact that man-made/treated Citrine is far more common in the gem and mineral market. When you do find it, you never want to let it go because its energy is unlike anything you've ever felt. The subtle hint of golden yellow is a prime indicator that this Citrine is natural and genuine. Furthermore, it awakens the Solar Plexus with its warm, divine energy. This mini tower makes for a perfect pocket piece and would even be beautiful as a pendant.

Known for its ability to attract success and abundance, Citrine is excellent for those looking to find their passion, attract money, and open doors of opportunity. When utilizing this crystal for manifestation, you will find your personal power expanding and your self-worth blooming. Naturally, the Universe provides you with the gifts of abundance you seek as it responds to your elevated vibration. Your heart pulses with gratitude and so begins the cycle of synchronicity and energy exchange between you and the YOUniverse.

Allow yourself to reach into the wells of inspiration the reside within you and grow your ability to manifest abundance by adding this natural Citrine crystal to your collection.

Weight: 38g

Dimensions: 38 x 30 x 24mm