• Hues of Purple found on this included Garden Quartz point captured on a purple heart surrounded by dried flowers.
  • The face of an included garden quartz point heavily included with iron and chlorite
  • The matrix facet of a heavily included garden quartz point showing the iron included base this crystal grew from
  • A rainbow filled side angle of a beautiful garden quartz included with iron and chlorite on a purple platform surrounded by dried flowers.

Garden Quartz Point of Stormy Nights


Garden Quartz, when heavily included, allows you access to the grit within yourself - by acknowledging this world, you will be more intune with your spiritual gifts. Garden Quartz naturally enhances the energy around itself and will benefit your spiritual body, connecting you to the Etheric, the Divine.

Terminated points are a source of directed energy and a single termination that is cleansed and charged, will act as a guide to move stagnant energy - or, take energy that currently exists and enhance it.

When you gaze into this Quartz Point, prepare to get lost within the microscopic world trapped inside. This stone makes for an awesome focal point when meditating. Take your included Quartz, place it in front of you. either at eye-level or on the ground. Stare into the beauty and flowing shapes, stored inside just for you. Percieve the world within and begin relating it to your hidden world. From there, close your eyes and picture yourself are the iron, filled with minerals and each mineral is a hidden aspect of yourself, waiting to be discovered - unleashing your true potential.

Whether you bring this stone with you on your adventures into the world, or along the journey within, you are sure to have added a potent member to your crystal collection.

Weight: 38g

Dimensions: 1.7 x 1.3 x 0.9 in.