• Front view of Garden Quartz with focus on green and brown inclusions
  • Side view of Garden Quartz Tower with focus on Phantoms and inclusions
  • Back left view of Shamanic Dream Stone Garden Quartz Tower
  • Back view of Garden Quartz tower with visible rainbows, on purple setting
  • Left side view of Phantom Garden Quartz Tower with focus on inclusions

Phantom Garden Quartz Tower of Shamanic Dreams


Garden Quartz, also known as Shamanic Dream Stone, is a type of Quartz that is filled with various minerals - these mineral inclusions create one of a kind scenes, or landscapes, within the Quartz that are highly inviting to the imagination. They are believed to carry ancient wisdom and invite one to escape into their unique inner worlds. Adding to the immense power of this piece, are several hidden phantoms, which can be seen very clearly in picture number 3.

For detailed information regarding the healing properties of Phantoms, as well as how they form, click here

Green Chlorite and other minerals are abundant within this crystal tower, which are highly visible through the pristine clarity of the Quartz. Due to the earthy inclusions that reside in this Garden Quartz, it is naturally a very grounding stone that connects you to Mama Gaia in a powerful way. When using this stone in meditation practices, it is useful to sit directly upon the earth and imagine negativity leaving your body through your Root Chakra, then being absorbed by the earth. It can also be used to connect to your Guides by using it as an anchor for the soul when exploring the Astral Realms.

Garden Quartz can assist you in manifesting your desired reality. Looking into it's flourishing inner world serves as a reminder that all types of realities exist and can be formed - it just takes a little imagination, effort, and belief.

Bring this piece home to anchor your life into the Earth, while exploring your spirituality and communicating with your ancestors.

Weight: 375g

Dimensions: 2.5 x 2 x 3.5 in.