• Front view of Chlorite included Garden Quartz Tower on purple setting
  • Right side of Garden Quartz tower standing on purple setting with flowers
  • Back of Garden Quartz crystal tower standing on purple setting with dried flowers
  • Left side of Garden Quartz crystal tower set on purple setting with dried flowers

Garden Quartz Point of Christmas Minerals


Garden Quartz is composed of an array of minerals that vary in color. This mini Garden Quartz tower is often referred to as 'Christmas Quartz', due to the green and red mineral inclusions within. Not only does this Garden Quartz carry the classic Christmas colors in its body, it also has inner fractures that are reminiscent of snow and icicles - it makes for the perfect winter companion.

Garden Quartz encourages you to pause and reflect on your life, as though it is a garden you must tend to. Every action we take, and every thought we have, has an impact on our reality. Prioritizing that which makes our life gardens grow abundantly and vibrantly, while pulling the invasive roots and energies out, is key.

Use Garden Quartz to manifest your goals and visions, gain clarity on your spiritual journey, and feed your soul with the magic it needs to thrive.

Weight: 38g

Dimensions: 1.7 x 1.3 x 0.9 in.