• Close up of Beetles preserved in a slab shaped cut of Copal Amber
  • Golden translucence of Copal Amber, held between the thumb and forefinger in front of vibrant greenery
  • The bark shaped form of Copal Amber displaying million year old bugs
  • A rich golden hue captured when holding Copal Amber in front of a lush background of ivy
  • The multi faceted surface of a one million year old slab of Copal Amber

Copal Amber of Golden Instincts


This thin, golden slice of Copal Amber contains two, million year old beetles perfectly contained within. This is the clearest piece of Copal Amber with the largest bugs of all the Amber in Amarisland. Other specimens of Copal Amber can be found here.

Known as "elektron" in Greek, Amber is known as the stone of the sun - it can be carried on your person to increase self esteem, which is vital on the journey to trusting your gut instincts.

Though Amber never needs to be cleansed, it can be held up to the Sun at noon to charge it with Source. Being a stone connected to fire, Amber can fill you with new light and encourage brighter days ahead, as well as increase creative expression. Touch on fertility when using this fossilized resin in your rituals - the life forms trapped within are a symbol of birth. Furthermore, Copal Amber is efficient at clearing your environment as it draws out negative energy and transmutes it.

Use Copal Amber to balance your Solar Plexus Chakra and increase feelings of worthiness, while infusing you with the radiant, golden power of the sun.

Weight: 14g

Dimensions: 2.7 x 1.3 x 0.3 in.