• Brazilian Agate Slice held against the light of the sun, displaying many patterns
  • A Brazilian Agate Slice held upside-down, displaying the inner world and a chalcedony druzy in the center
  • Red and Orange hues shining on a Brazilian Agate Slice held up against a blue sky
  • Brazilian Agate Slice with Red chalcedony filled druzy inside of swirling yellows and blacks
  • Swirling lines captured in Brazilian agate held up to the sun and blue of an afternoon sky

Brazilian Agate Slice of Magnetic Fire


The most fascinating aspect of Brazilian Agate is the shape and swirling, inner currents of yellows and oranges. Take a journey through the multiple layers flowing within this fascinating Earth Treasure.

Agate is best known for working slowly, but efficiently. As you gaze at this stone, let it steadily calm you and unlock your highest potential. Use the swirls of orange and yellow in Agate to encourage adventure, increase excitement and remind you of Earth's beauty!

The shape of this stone sets it apart from others in the collection. When following the currents of its formation, start with the complex shape along the edges and follow the spirals of color all the way to its diamond shaped Druzy.

This piece can be hung in front of a window and add a vibrant orange glow, even if not in direct light. Enjoy the magical, grounding energy of this piece in your home.

Weight: 146g

Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.5 x 0.3 in.