• Brandberg Amethyst displayed on a purple background surrounded by dry flowers.
  • Deep Purple hues of a Brandberg Amethyst scepter held in front of a green background
  • The multiple points of a Brandberg Amethyst captured shimmering in front of a purple background of dried leaves.
  • The Multiple points of a deep purple Brandberg Amethyst, with similar likeness to a heart, held in front of a purple background.

Brandberg Amethyst Sceptre Cluster of Source Energy


Brandberg Amethyst is named after Namibia's highest mountain, known as 'The Brandberg'. The word stands for "Fire Mountain" in Afrikaans, German & Dutch. The Brandberg is called Fire Mountain because of the way the Sun sets behind the peaks. It is sacred and considered to be a spiritual site to the Bushman of Namibia.

Amethyst Brandberg inspires a connection to the divine and roots us back to the origin of the Sun meeting the womb of Life, on the largest mountain in Nambia. This crystal acts as a subtle tool for dealing with past-life attachments and supports spiritual transitions through death and the afterlife.

Brandberg Amethyst is a master healer that emanates pure, positive light to help you move through deep healing and encourage you to invite forgiveness into your life. This stone assists in adaptability and helps you achieve self-improvement. It will allow you to unleash your talents, creativity and potential.

This piece vibrates at the same frequency of Spiritual Identity, connecting you with Source. This specific, cathedral shaped scepter can be the catalyst for past-life regression and protect you as you go on a journey through self, to reflect on past-life choices and heal from the pain of regrets in the current life.

Allow this Brandberg Amethyst to soothe the pains of the past, smooth out any ripples you created in this life and ground you in the peace that comes from connecting to your roots.

Weight: 174g

Dimensions: 3.3 x 2.4 x 1.8 in.