• Top view of a Botryoidal Grape Agate cluster on a purple background speckled with dried flowers
  • Bicolor Botryoidal Grape Agate held in palm of hand with focus on sparkling sheen
  • Up close view of Indonesian Grape Agate Cluster held in hand
  • Bicolor Grape Agate surrounded by plants and flowers laying upon purple wooden slab
  • Bicolor Grape Agate laying on its side with view of top and bottom of cluster and greenery behind it

Botryoidal Bicolor Grape Agate Cluster of Warming Divinity

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Grape Agate, or Botryoidal Purple Chalcedony, is a unique micro-crystalline Quartz that was discovered in Indonesia many years ago; however, Indonesia did not allow for this alien chalcedony to be exported anywhere else in the world until last year (2017), making it a rare find. Even more rare is the bicolor (green and purple combination) form of Grape Agate.

Aptly named, this cluster of purple and green Chalcedony is reminiscent of a bundle of grapes. It bears a striking resemblance.

When placed in light, a sparkling sheen catches the mind's eye and draws you into a meditative state of wonder. Working with the warm, calming energy of Grape Agate opens you up to a state of inner peace and self-confidence. Each botryoidal formation reminds you that, even when you feel alone, there are others, near and far, that feel and experience just like you.

Balance and harmony are key in living a fulfilling life - bringing Grape Agate into your home, or workplace, makes space for the essential foundation of happiness.  

Weight: 449g

Dimensions4.7 x 4 x 2.5 in.