• 12 Signs Reading

12 Signs Reading


Upon receiving your request to seek the wisdom of the stars, I will analyze your birth data and see exactly where the planets sat in the cosmos at the time of your birth. Once the chart is plotted, I will create a summary to explain the aspects of self that you wish to know more about. Additionally, I will act as a mirror to your active and multi-faceted personality.

  • At checkout, leave a question that you seek clarity on - this should be something that continues ringing in your mind, or you are having difficulty resolving on your own. I will utilize the information from your birth chart to illuminate this aspect of self, which you wish to bring light to.
  • Please also leave your *birth date(month/day/year) *birth town and *birth time, along with your *preferred email, in the same note at checkout. You may also share your Instagram handle for a quicker method of communication.

I look forward to providing you with clarity, and aim to illuminate your gifts, providing you with ever present access to your Highest Self. 

Let light guide your steps,



(I/Amarisland will never sell, share or release the information you share for this reading for any reason at any time - and only request this information in this specific listing to better serve you, and accurately determine the guidance of the stars at the time and place of your birth. Planetary positions have been calculated so specifically, that a single minute can alter the accuracy of this reading.)