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'EDGE OFF' Ache Reducer

  • $13.33

Pain is relatable — many people around the world know what it is like to experience nagging, aching pain. Whether caused by old injuries, surgery, chronic illness, muscle tension, or stress, no one deserves for pain to run their life. Being proactive in seeking relief is key to living a quality life.

As a chronic pain warrior myself, I created an arsenal of natural remedies I use for pain management, including this incredible herbal blend intentionally dedicated to soothing and diminishing tension throughout my body. By targeting anxiety and stress, EDGE OFF actively promotes a calmer physiology, thus encouraging muscle relief and a peaceful mental attitude.

Furthermore, as you sip this earthy tea, White Willow Bark and Passionflower connect with your body to reduce inflammation with their anti-inflammatory plant compounds. Eucalyptus graces your sense of smell, urging you to center yourself into your healing body, while Valerian Root acts as an analgesic to weaken the pain messenger.

Pay attention to every muscle in your body and consciously let go of the tension you carry. From head to toe, you are deserving of free flowing energy and liberation from pain. This is your chance to become present in your body, acknowledge your pain, and witness it melt away. Go deep into the root cause and listen to what it tells you. Over prolonged use of EDGE OFF, you may find your existence begin to ease into a state of understanding and release, as you target the karmic blockages that once created your discomfort.

Take the edge off. Feel good. Be free.

Instructions for use:

Pour 8oz of water over 1-2tbsp. of EDGE OFF Ache Reducer and steep for 10-20 minutes before enjoying.

This listing is for 1.5oz Herbal Blend in Black Standing Pouch

NOTE: We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

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